Peace and quiet in your community

bring Silence to your community so you can break through the noise into something real, together 

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Meditation for Everyone


Part public art, part public service announcement, all inspired...

As Joseph Campbell says “All final spiritual reference is to the silence beyond sound.”

Into Silence is a mobile meditation space  with instruction, and spiritual support for communities to access and practice stepping outside of the world of noise.  Into Silence is neither bound by nor rejects any particular tradition or doctrine. We are committed to providing an opening to the silence that all of the world’s great traditions refer to.

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How Meditation Can Help You and others

A group from a local life plan community learn meditation and practice with the singing bowls.

Look, we get it.. meditation, mindfulness, a renovated camper!!

It’s a little different.

But yet, it isn’t. 

For thousands of years people have used the practices of meditation and mindfulness to reduce anxiety, prompt behavior changes, and spark creativity.

Contemporary science continues to point to our needs as a society for these practices, and yet there are few communities, businesses, or homes who have figured out where to get away from the constant onslaught of noise.

We bring you the space, the support, and the consistency through an affordable membership to offer this practice to your community to build a culture or reflection and growth that you have been trying to achieve through program after program.

We believe you need less, not more.

See the Difference

A portable labyrinth that is available for those working with Into silence

 We know- there are “apps” for this. 

Apps don’t push people to practice.  They don’t help people get away from the distraction of daily noise, and they don’t give you access to expert teachers who love our community...but at Into Silence, we do.

Offering a separate space that comes regularly to your door, providing access for 10-20 minutes of silence to your team could be the game changing impact you’ve been looking for.

- increases sense of well-being

- increases compassion and receptivity to

  new ideas

- increases creativity and innovation

- increases self awareness and clarity 

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Into Silence

Rochester, New York, United States

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Space and Permission to Be

There has to be a better way...


Feeling underwhelmed by conventional access to spirituality and difficult to access or costly meditation spaces, Chris and Rebecca decided to bring space and silence to the people of Rochester in a unique and beautiful mobile space. We share a reverence for the practice of meditation and what it can do for people in both secular and spiritual settings- and we think it’s time more people had access. 

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Employee Satisfaction and Outcomes

The meditation space at a health facility where staff and residents share silence together each week

While many try to build loyalty and connection through programmatic approaches.  These programs often fall short-  silence and meditation, in contrast,  have been shown in study after study to be the great equalizer and bring about productivity and innovative solutions that are unmatched by any programs or education.  Why? Because it is rooted in each person’s self awareness and inspiration. 

Offer your employees Silence with us

A New Way


Go further than you ever could imagine- and bring people to join in and practice..

Connect with Into Silence.

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We love our mobile studio, and welcome the opportunity to share silence with people exploring.

Into Silence

Rochester, NY